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Phoenix Insurrection
There are those in the Rogue Islands who will prey on those weaker than they are, Oppression its master.

We are stronger.  We will protect those unable to protect themselves.

Sometimes, to combat darkness, we must descend into darkness.  Some can emerge from that darkness unscathed.  Some will crumble to ash.

Yet we will never forget that out of the ashes, we will rise again to continue the fight.  This is a chance to start a new life.  It's a chance to be reborn.

Our flames will burn down oppression, blazing light in fading darkness.

The ashes of society will be reborn from the flames of Phoenix Insurrection.

"The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection. Remember those when we fight. We build the seed of a new beginning." - Mirey, Spirit of the Phoenix

Weekly Summary, November 19, 2012

Unleashed Force, Nov 19, 12 5:11 PM.

OOC: Ruthless Aggression Timeline

Unleashed Force, Oct 15, 12 8:12 PM.
Hey All!

There are four sets of missions left for the Ruthless Aggression Series. Please keep in mind that they only supplement the overall Story Arc and the structure is tentative based on player actions in-between the AE action.

Coming to a Head, November 21st at 9:30 pm EST
Finale, November 28th at 9:30 pm EST

Note that I've chosen Wednesday nights as this seems to be the best night for most, however everyone has a chance to be involved in-between the events. Also, the End Game and Aftermath dates are tentative and can change. Please let me know if these dates won't work, as I'm doing my best to get everyone involved.

Thanks to those of you who have contributed thus far. Contact me, IC'y or OOC’ly if you’d like to join in on the fun and you’ll be directed accordingly.  As always, keep me in the loop as to what your characters are doing behind the scenes. Thanks in advance!

- Clint

A Call to Action by Tony V

Unleashed Force, Sep 10, 12 8:18 PM.
We are heroes. This is what we do. Remember those words. Please bookmark this forum and check back here frequently, as I'll also be posting stickies at the top that are "Calls to Action," things that we need you to do or expertise we need in order to progress in our efforts. I'll be posting news and information here, and more importantly, what you, the City of Heroes community, can do to help our efforts.” --TonyV

Punch NCSoft in the Throat!

Unleashed Force, Aug 31, 12 5:09 PM.

Phoenix Insurrection will not go down without a fight! Keep NCSoft from shutting down our home! Go to this link to sign the petition and speak your mind! Punch NCSoft in the throat!

Active/Standing Assignments

Unleashed Force, Aug 27, 12 8:33 PM.
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